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We know that one size does not fit all and so we strive to make each customer’s program match their organisation, down to the details. We work to understand the uniqueness of your organisation so that we can setup and support your success everyday.

HR System

HR Manage

HR Manage is an all-inclusive Human Resource management modular solution which manages the full life-cycle of people at work.

Any size business can benefit from the system. Integration can be done with 3rd party systems including Payroll, e-Learning, Access Control, SharePoint and more. All the modules are fully integrated so that work done in one module automatically updates core data in other modules. With HR Manage all the functions in a modern HR department are hosted on a single platform.

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HR Manage Modules

• E-Personnel module
• Leave Management Module
• Job profiling and performance management module
• Training: Learning and Development module
• Forms and Workflows Management module
• Incident reporting module

HR Manage Features

• Powerful User Interface
• Security
• Email Notifications
• Organisational Charts
• Customisation
• 3rd Party Integration
• Online Self Service
• Reporting

Payroll System

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Paywell offers an integrated payroll and HR system running on an MS SQL Server database. It is a cutting-edge software solution based on more than 32 years of market experience. Paywell is a feature-rich, fully customisable, powerful and agile solution for the corporate and enterprise market. Paywell interfaces with most of the established HR Solutions enabling the client to select their preferred option. Paywell is ideally suited for medium to large companies with payroll requirements ranging from the straightforward to the complex. The software caters for such diverse industrial sectors as Mining, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking and Labour Contracting.


Paywell Modules

• Payroll Engine (core)
• Data extract
• Interim Runs
• Leave History
• Payslip History
• Ledgers & History
• Validation or Preview runs
• E-payslips
• Payroll creditors

Paywell Benefits

• Crystal report writer
• Parameter driven
• Modular design/ bases
• Integration/ interfacing facilities with external systems e.g. Accounts & HR
• Audit Trail facilities
• Multi-payroll capabilities
• Security features for
     Access levels
     User Control
• No limit to payroll size
• Paywell Support
     Customization
     Installation
     Training
     After sales support


Systems Integration

Creative HR Solutions provides interfaces between the Paywell system and other database systems inclusive and not limited to Accounting Systems, HR Systems, Time Management, Excel Data Input Collection System.


Managed Payroll

Our Payroll Bureau offers a fully outsourced payroll service to pay wages and salaries. Our customers have no need to run an in-house Payroll application system enabling a considerable cost advantage on Payroll license cost and technical support cost. The service eliminates the customer’s need to worry about statutory and labour changes

Managed Payroll

Scope of Service Capabilities

  • The customer submits input in the agreed format
  • We process the input and run the Payroll.
  • We verify input against output to ensure Payroll accuracy
  • We send a dummy payroll report to customer on request to confirm accuracy of payroll
  • We produce/print any type of report including:
    • Payroll Summary per Individual
    • Payroll Journal with all Payroll cost by Department (We can also do interface with Accounting system if required at an extra cost)
    • We send secure electronic Payslips (e-Payslips) direct to employee email and/or Printed Security Payslips
    • Banking reports/Files
    • Monthly statutory returns
    • PAYE & Aids levy (P2 Form)
    • NSSA NP4 Form and report
    • NEC/Trade union reports
    • Loan reports
    • Monthly Excel Audit report
    • ITF16 extracts and individual employee
    • P6s
  • If required we manage payments to all your payroll creditors of choice, including ZIMRA, NSSA and all statutory bodies.
  • Internal and external auditors are given access to your payroll following direct authorisation from your senior management
  • We retain payroll data and backups in accordance with statutory and customer requirements and in compliance with your specific requirements.

Payroll Self Service App

Introducing our new mobile app to be launched soon. This is an E-Payslips mobile application that allows your employees to view & print their payslips on their mobile phones saving the company costs on printers, printing and payslip paper. The mobile application also keeps a history of payslips from the time the application is first downloaded. Coming Soon… 

Training, Support & Consultancy


We provide software consultancy services including Human Resource management Software, Payroll Software, Mobile payslip app, office suite and Payroll Administration and Management.


Customer Support

We respond to our Clients’ urgent needs timeously. Support services include:

· Telephonic consultation with our skilled & friendly support staff

· Files sent via email – emails are responded within 2 hours, and all work is delivered & reviewed timely and on agreed bases.

·Remote access – via ‘Team-viewer’ or ‘Any-desk’

· On site consultations – solving pressing problems face to face

customer support


We offer: –

  • Paywell User Training & Advanced Paywell User Training courses certificated Courses.
  • Advanced Excel training.
  • Payroll Administration training
development and training


We supply Security Payslips, Blank Pay Envelopes & A4 Copy Paper and more




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